Art Club Connect Challenge #4

Welcome to Art Club Connect

Challenge #4

I have a sweet tooth.

After-Eight chocolate bars I cannot stop eating once I start.

Chipits I keep hidden for late night cravings

Licorice only eaten while at the movies.

mini donuts,

black jube jubes

chocolate covered almonds

a pepperminty mint

Oh it seems like I have many to choose from!

You do not have reveal all your SWEET secret candy…

Just one


We will try to guess!

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Art Club Connect Challenge #3


Welcome to Art Club Connect

Challenge #3

This one should take about ten minutes to complete.

Grab your supplies, a couple pieces of paper and a black or coloured marker.

You will need a piece of fruit or a vegetable to draw.

Think interesting shapes. Not apples, oranges or potatoes but maybe bunches of grapes or celery with the leaves still on.

Start by making a contour drawing (2-3 minutes) slowly following the outline to make the shape.

Connect your eye to the movement of your hand.

Now that you understand the shape…

Speed it up! Loosen up your drawing!

Try to finish the entire shape in the allotted time. 

This can be fun to try and beat the clock.

Art Club Connect Challenge 2

Welcome to


Do you often struggle to find time to draw?

WHEN you have time do you wonder
WHAT you should or could be drawing??

Well don’t complicate something that can be quite simple.

There is so much to draw!

Really anything and everything around you.

Just choose ONE THING at a time.

You will discover a single object can provide as big a challenge as many.


Art Club Connect Challenge 1


Grab your art supplies, paper, pencils and pens! Set them up in a place easy to access for the next six weeks.

Week one is a gentle warm-up but don’t be fooled. Keep this little exercise in mind when completing the rest of the challenge. In it lies concepts of creating dynamic drawings.

Let’s get started

Do you remember doodling in the margins of your notebooks (before the times of endless internet scrolling) only half listening to what was going on??

Doodling lets us tune out the noise around us.

There is no right or wrong. Just a free flow of creativity.

This one can be done anytime, anywhere.


Art Club Connect

Its summer! Time to spend your days the way you like. For me though I need a little structure to keep me happy so I have decided to organize a Drawing Challenge for a little motivational kickstart. So grab some art supplies that you love, tell your family you need a few moments to an hour just to yourself and get some drawing done.

Starting July 1st, each week for 6 weeks a drawing prompt will be posted here and on the Mazatlan Art Classes Facebook page (join if you have not already done so) 

Share your drawings to win a free class in 2025. Post a weekly image  on Mazatlan Art Classes Facebook Group and your name will be added to the draw.  The more weekly entries you post, the greater the chance to win!

Let’s Get DRAWING!!