Nicole LeBoutillier is an interdisciplinary artist recording and mapping the places where she lives and visits. Influenced by her surroundings she explores the possibilities of abstraction, memory and the experience of discovering new and unfamiliar environments.

The accumulation of both materials and experiences combined with representations of absence are lines of enquiry in her work. Living as a temporary resident/trailing spouse/outsider, she uses walking and mapping as a way to develop a personal system of understanding her urban environment.  Through a psycho-geographical and phenomenological lens she translates these experiences of walking in an urban landscape into visual formats. By processing the abstract visual qualities, and the haptic sensory information she encounters, she recreates the street scenes into wall installations, maps and drawings. Her work utilizes methods of layering, collage and assemblage as a means to visualize continuity and (dis)connectedness in a global society where time and space have become increasingly compressed.

In the work, the empty spaces become meaningful places to explore as areas to consider what has been removed or lost filling these spaces with marks or color creates both a presence and an absence simultaneously. Her inquiry is a refutation of “non-places” as she searches for a sense of connectedness. By constructing work that questions the strength and impacts of our built environments she is asking viewers to re-discover the architectural spaces we find ourselves in and also to consider the balance that holds the physical and imagined realms intact.