Walking Practice

Our time is almost up in Kiev far too soon but I suppose we avoid a long, cold winter. I wanted to capture the sounds of the dry leaves underfoot, the dogs barking behind high fences and the clip of Coopers feet. 



Kiev – A Trip to the Passport Photo Place:

I had an errand to run and not much time to get it done. A deadline was looming and I needed a passport photo. Easier said but when you are new to a city, don’t speak the language and have no idea where exactly this particular service can be found the stakes are just a little bit higher than usual. Thankfully I was given general directions to a spot and off I went in search of the place, hyper aware and with a purpose to come home with a photo in hand.


LISTEN closely and if you can, even for a few moments close your eyes. Its amazing what you notice and how it makes you feel. Tense or stressed, mesmerized or calm,  we become really good at blocking out all the noise.