Thoughts on Drawing – Inconsistency

Is inconsistency in your work necessarily a bad thing?

In the past I thought so. Many a drawing, a painting a print, I have removed from this website, until I am left with almost nothing, only my most current work in an attempt to show only a consistent approach. I try to group images together based on materials, based on content, based on a timeline, yet I still struggle with how to ‘present’ my work.

I used to think that an artist’s work progresses on a linear timeframe, meaning it progresses in a positive direction, that the work will get better over time. Now, after decades of doing this, this being making art, some work has been good, some has been horrible, some things have led to other things, some techniques/ideas/images have made an appearance, then have been hidden away while pursuing other image making. Then many years later, similar markmaking resurfaces, certain color palettes return. Does the work get ‘better’? Technically it should.  But artistically better?

Perhaps I am tired of trying to determine what better is. I think I just want to do some experiments, trying to incorporate LINE as the constant variable in what I do. I will let others determine what needs to be classified and presented. On this website, the structure seems to merit groupings and classifications. Facebook and Instagram provide a more linear sequence of events and in planning independent exhibitions, it is I who can decide  how I want to show the work and which pieces to share.

I cannot promise any great consistency, but I will continue to make drawings, in all their many forms and uses of materials.