Drawing on diverse urban environments and inspired by the many cities where I have lived my work investigates how we come to know a place. I ask “What is the role of memory and movement in our experience of time and space?”How do you represent an action that took place but left no physical trace?” I combine walking with my drawing practice referencing architecture, maps, interior spaces, routes, movement, and pathways to examine how we become familiar with the spaces we inhabit.

I work primarily in the medium of drawing on paper using minimal amounts of colour and material as possible. The work evolves in series each one informing the next where the memory of the image lingers in the memory of the material. I also explore various approaches in different media from  photo collage, printmaking techniques, to sound and laser engraving. I blend, smooth, cut, erase and take away.  These actions allow an image to become embedded creating connections but separating them out over time. I am searching for a sense of control in producing the work but also an opportunity for chance to inform the process.

I prefer paper surfaces and powdery substances such as soft charcoal, creamy chalk pastels and smooth graphite employing methods of erasure and removal to build layered surfaces. The work often has an ephemeral, delicate quality finding a balance between decay and destruction, presence and absence, of materiality and immateriality.