Ready to start.

I am ready and waiting. For many things right now. I am waiting for my shipment to arrive to fill the empty rooms of my rental house and more importantly a studio table to work on and supplies to work with. I am waiting for the MFA program to start.

After two months figuring out just fill the basic needs of food, accommodation, transportation, where to walk the dog, how to find my way from point A to point B, how to set the house alarm and work new appliances without any English instructions, of finding new people to chat with over coffee or wine, I am ready. I need to start feeding my mind and my soul. I am taking photos, I am walking the neighbourhood, I am beginning to see, and not be overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of this new city. 

Today I ventured to the Ukraine Art Gallery and came away inspired after seeing the new work of Ukrainian artist Anna Mironova. As the press release states about this exhibition Downstream, “Sensory experiences prove that nature is fluid, and feelings-temporary….. shadows in her work – they are intangible traces of material notions” Graphite drawings, Beautiful. Atmospheric. I wanted to press my fingers up against the paper and touch the surfaces to transfer some of the magic onto my hands.