end of summer blues

This summer has for me been one of a true vagabond. Homeless, husbandless and kid-less. I am an early empty-nester as my teenagers pursue summer jobs in one country and a partner who continues to work in another. Some people may call that a dream to have time to themselves. And I agree, it is for a few days, or even a week, but for me the shine wore off very quickly. The quiet set in and I began to wonder about other, better possibilities. How do I keep busy? How do I build a community when I have no place of residence, no place to truly call home. How do I stay motivated? How do I find friends with likeminded interests? How do I engage old friends with new experiences. How do I see what other artists are doing and why?

As an expat it is a life I have chosen or at least fell into and loved. I never imagined truly what I would have to give up or what I would gain.