And now we move to…

This week has been busy emptying the house and the studio, packing up our belongings for another international posting. This time we are off to the UKRAINE, which will include a couple of firsts.  It will be our first move as simply a couple, no kids with us this time around, just an entourage of 2 cats and a dog. It will also be our first ‘cold’ weather posting (not including Calgary, Canada) so a new wardrobe will be required, and I am already anticipating the sweet smell of Spring.

Emptying the house, purging our extraneous items of consumption that we have accumulated over the past five years, sorting, tossing, giving away, arranging departures and paperwork, saying goodbyes, we are almost there. Two more days and we will be down to a flotilla of suitcases, a Visa card and our passports, all that is truly required to leave one country and enter another.

I feel lighter, less weighted down, a little lost, with a sense that we are in fact residents of nowhere. We are in-between. Its a strange place yet somewhat familiar.