Costa Azul Arts Studio

The Costa Azul Arts STUDIO is a place to meet, draw and talk about art in Mazatlan.


a CLASSROOM that offers drawing classes to help develop new skills.

a STUDIO SPACE that fosters creativity.

a COMMUNITY to share our love of art. 



As a teacher I encourage drawing representationally to build a core foundation of skills that can be used in many other artistic endeavours.

As a business I focus on providing interactive art experiences to build a better understanding of what we see around us.

As an artist my studio practice is influenced by the everyday spaces of my environment and embraces abstraction to visualize what we cannot see.


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Location:  #4 Privado Costa Azul, Golden Zone, Mazatlan


WhatsAPP (+52) 669 129 9819

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2 Replies to “Costa Azul Arts Studio”

  1. So good to hear from you, Nicole! Although I haven’t actually worked on anything since I’ve been home, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed purposely seeing the world using my “artist eyes”. Everyday.
    Now I look forward to joining you in December for the Wednesday classes, if you have openings. Last season was great and looks like another intriguing calendar for the whole season.

    1. Hello Kaaren! Happy to hear you will be joining us again in December! My summer was a lot of work and no play so I am very happy to be back in Maz ready to be in the studio drawing again regularly.

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