About the work

 My art practice is one of constantly collecting and assembling objects. I immerse myself within spaces letting the color, form and textures shape the experience. I work predominantly with everyday ubiquitous materials pulling from practices of mapping using drawing and collage techniques. On one level, my work is a reflection of the physical environment around me and on another a distillation of my accumulated personal experiences of a place.

About me.  

I grew up in small towns in southwestern Manitoba surrounded by the prairie landscape unaware there were winters without snow and oceans that stretched as far as the fields around me.  

Little did I know then of the places I would live,  Angola, Kuwait, Malaysia, Libya, Tunisia, Ukraine and Oman or of the amazing cities  I would travel to throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

Art and drawing have been my constant companion.  I received my Fine Arts degree early on from the Nova Scotia College of Art Design and my Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  I have maintained a home studio for all the years in-between.

I now reside full-time in Mazatlan, Mexico, returning for summers to Canada where my heart remains.