Moving forward.

My minimalist lifestyle is about to come to an end, just when I was starting to become comfortable living in it. Two kitchen chairs, a table, two each of plates, cups, cutlery, pots, fry pans, coffee mugs, a mattress to sleep on and two towels. Thats pretty much it. For the past two weeks it has opened my eyes to how little I need to function. Yes I probably lived with less when I was a young university student, but those days are far in the past. Yet here I am decades later still making-do.

My household goods container arrives tomorrow, after much waiting and much anticipation. Its raising my stress levels. What I am going to do with all this stuff? Where am I going to put everything? It feels like it is coming from a different planet, a different life, when I had kids at home and a husband that didn’t travel out of the city to work every week. I am painfully aware that this upcoming week will be busy, chaotic, directing traffic, deciding what I want to keep from my past location and what will remain stored to get rid of at a later date. I am already feeling mental fatigue, the emotional detachment required, the anticipation of how it is I want to structure and organize this next phase.

So for today, although I have been dreaming of having my stuff to surround me in a feeling of familiarity, I will also remember to take a simpler approach. It can be done.